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Largest animal cloning factory in the world to be built in China

The biggest cloning factory of the world is now underway at China. This is a path which hasn’t been travelled by anyone in the past as far as cattle cloning to meet the skyrocketing demand of beef in the country is concerned.

This projected 14000 sq. meter factory is going to be built and also operated by Boyalife who is going to be allotting $ 313 million for this project. Tianjin, one of the cities which is around 100 miles away from the capital of China, is going to be the site for this grand venture which will begin in the first half of 2016.

As per Xiao-Chun Xu, the CEO of Boyalife, they’re hoping to produce around 100000 embryos every year in order to contribute 5% to the premium cattle of China.

Xu said that they were building something which didn’t exist earlier.

Scientists from Boyalife are also going to be looking into cloning champion racehorses and sniffer dogs which are going to help them with rescue operations and also help them detect any illegal drugs. Xu also added that this is going to help save many critically endangered species and that is one target of theirs as well.

The CEO of this factory has said that it will change the way people live. This is one of the latest moves by China to lead as far as cloning technology throughout the world is concerned.

Chinese scientists have already been cloning sheep, cattle and pigs for as many as 15 years. BGI, a Chinese firm, was producing around 500 pigs every year.

This cloning factory is going to be built together with Sooam Biotech, a firm from South Korean which is run by Hwang Woo-suk. Hwang, once called the king of cloning, had been found guilty of fraud in 2006 as well as ethical lapses as far as his research is concerned and how he obtained the human eggs for his work.

The US FDA ruled recently that cloned animals are safe to eat. Even though Chinese cloning operations are smaller as compared to American firms who are trying to clone livestock, most of the cloned cattle in US are used to raise the quality of a herd instead of being used directly for food supply.

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