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World leader gathered to speak on climate change, Robert Redfort, Sean penn , Al Gore speak out at Paris talks

Including American actor Robert Redford and Sean penn, leaders from world gathered in Paris this week to successfully organize the conference on climate change. Leaders announced that “global warming “is a serious matter” and mayors around the world must take necessary actions to reduce local discharge. The world diplomats are trying to reach an accord to control the global climates disastrous situation.

French President Hollande stated “so many people and future generations will be very strict when they judge what was done by heads of state and government, especially when it comes to those who did not assume their responsibilities, who did not opt for a universal, legally binding, differentiated agreement.” Actor Robert Redford alerted stating “I think we’re running out of time because the planet is running out of resources,” he said. “I think now the American people are waking up to the fact that nothing has happened and then the consequences are going to fall on them, the people — and not the politicians.”

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore has given uppermost importance on raising awareness on this regard. He says “the right choice is to safeguard the future for the next generation and for the generations to come. And young people are looking to us to provide the correct answer to that question. Gore further stated “of course there are disagreements on the wording of this section or that section. But ultimately at the end of this conference we must come together and provide the answer to that third and final question: yes, we will change.”

Redford insisted that the issue of people relying on governmental congress to decide upon such issue has lost credential “their time is over.” Many Congressional Republicans doubt global warming is real, or fear that stringent controls of carbon emissions could kill jobs.”The people that are involved with oil, gas, coal, they’ve been running the show for a long, long, long time. And their time has run out. Because the resources are now a problem,” Redford said.

Although the delegates tried their level best to reach an accord they still say that there are many unresolved issues and obstacles to deal with. Most important issue is to set up an action plan to spell out the obligations of countries in different stages of development in order to battle with climate change.

A total number of 184 counties presented a plan to cut out the emission of green house gas but somehow many of them supported the deal based on the condition that developed countries provide the financial support that is needed on this regard. Confusion are also going rife as few developing country just blocked out fearing that developed countries are trying to dodge their responsibility of securing climate. The most important question remains “who is going to pay for the cost ” .The US and other developed countries were traditionally been the ones to provide for climate change from the very beginning  .But lately they are also asking  the most advanced developing countries to join the donor zone.

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