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LeBron James helps create VR training experience with Samsung and Oculus

Oculus and Samsung have, together, released a 12 minute 360 degree film covering the training regimen of LeBron James as well as a number of interviews with this famous NBA star. A YouTube video was posted by Samsung Mobile that had snippets from this short VR (Virtual Reality) film that was named, Striving for Greatness. The film has been produced as a collaboration between Oculus and Uninterrupted. The video can be viewed only if you own the Samsung GearVR and offers viewer’s quite an interesting insight into the world of the basketball player.

The entire training video doesn’t classify entirely as virtual reality since viewers will not be able to freely move around in the world and are restricted to the 360 degree motion capturing set which has been recorded for the video. However, users can turn in all directions and choose the best angle for them to view the video.

This twelve minute clip combines LeBron’s training sessions neatly with a number of interviews which outlined the journey of this Olympic medalist. Eventually, this video is going to be made available to the general public, probably when Oculus launches its own headset. But for now, if you want to watch the video, you will need to get the Samsung Gear VR.

Oculus is contracted with Felix & Paul Studios and with LeBron’s company which is how the studio was able to film all of the 360 degree video clips that were required for the film. The Oculus store is offering the “Striving for Greatness” video right now and it can also be viewed on the Samsung MilkVR app.

As far as the bigger picture is concerned, this video will help LeBron promote himself as an inspirational character instead of only as a basketball player. It will also position him as a technologically progressive individual considering how early he is adopting VR technology. The virtual reality and the 360 degree space, in general, is going to get a boost from his consumer reach and marketing potential.

Facebook and Samsung are both looking to enter virtual reality which is up for grabs as of now. No technology giant has managed to stake its claim on this fledging industry just as yet and PR initiatives like videos that are produced together with big names will certainly help propel any company’s cause. The VR space certainly has some far reaching applications. The technology isn’t just meant to cater to gamers.

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