Adele’s “25” prevails over everything with massive sale, outshined Streaming service achievements which showed a rapid raise in the year 2015 

Music industry of the year 2015 hails one name, Phenomenal Adele. When Adele released her third solo album in last November, her management included a strict “no-streaming strategy” .This strategy was considered a huge risk in the music business by many experts and analyst. However, Adele stringently retained her solo album “25” off streaming services and proving every anticipation wrong, 25 became a massive hit. “25” is still standing on the top of the chart for the six consecutive weeks after its release. Adele has managed to sell 7.4million copies of her Album “25”.

The British singer spell bounded everyone with the fascinating sell of her album.Surprisieingly”25” has sold out 7.44 million copies and has gauged 67% of the entire physical CD sell of the year. According to Neilsen music, “25” is solely accountable for 16% of all album sales in November and 3% of the whole sell of the entire year.

In this era of internet and piracy, it is a known fact that CD sale is rapidly declining. However,”25” did a miraculous job by selling nearly 5 million CD copies. The rest of the sale of the album were digital downloads. Because of its fantastic acceptance among the listeners, “25” effortlessly owned the position of “number 1” for many weeks .In fact the album performed so magnificently  that it toppled records of most sold out albums from the past.

Adele’s astounding sale buttressed the US music industry achieving a rise of sale of 15.2 percent to 549.4 million units. This is the third time for Adele to own the crown of the bestselling album of the year. In the past, Adele ruled sale of 2011 and 2012 with her album 21. That album sold around 5.8 million and 4.4 million copies in those years.

 Music streaming business experienced a rapid growth in the year 2015.It is assumed that around 317 billion streaming occurred in platforms like YouTube, Vevo, Spotify, Google play in the last year alone. The jump is considered a huge 93% from the year of 2014.In the year 2014, only 165 million streaming were counted.


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