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Key Stocks of the Day: Marriott International, Inc. (NASDAQ:MAR)

As it reflects the theoretical cost of buying the company’s shares, the market cap of Marriott International, Inc. (NASDAQ:MAR) is currently rolling at 15011.25, making it one of the key stocks in today’s market. Hence, the existing market cap indicates a preferable measure in comprehending the size of the company rather than its worth.

Marriott International, Inc.’s P/E ratio is measuring at 19.33 with a forward P/E of 15.64. The powerful forward P/E ratio allows investors a quick snapshot of the organization’s finances without getting involved in the complicated details of the accounting report.  

The PEG for Marriott International, Inc. is gauging a 0.85, signposting the future growth of the company’s earnings. The existing PEG value acts as a measure that takes into account its future growth where investors are able to scale the company’s high-growth stock as undervalued.   

As of now, Marriott International, Inc. has a P/S value of 1.05, measuring P/B at *TBA. Its P/Cash is valued at 158.01, allowing investors to have a useful look at the company’s value in contrast to the P/E ratio. The current P/C value outlines the company’s ability to generate cash relative to its stock price rather than what it records on earnings relative to its stock price.

The dividend for the corporation to company shareholders is rolling at 1.71% with a payout ratio of 28.80%. The current value of the dividend depicts the significance to the relationship between company and its investors. With many preferring that Marriott International, Inc. reinvest its earnings back into its trade to fuel future growth, a lot acknowledges a generous cash dividend payment. For the income oriented investors, the existing payout ratio will be observed closely, providing a valuable insight into Marriott International, Inc.’s dividend policy.

The EPS of Marriott International, Inc. is strolling at 3.02, measuring its EPS growth this year at 27.00%. As a result, the company has an EPS growth of 19.62% for the approaching year. Company’s EPS for the past five years is valued at 19.62%, leading it to an EPS value of 22.70% for the next five years.

Company’s sales growth for the past five years is valued at 4.80%, leading it to the present-day share price of 58.38. It has a change in price of -1.96% and a target price of 78.25