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Marvin Minsky, the highly revered computer scientist passed away

Marvin Minsky, the pioneer in the field of Artificial Intelligence has died at the age of 88.His family members cited the reason of death as cerebral hemorrhage. Marvin Minsky is considered a legend and has directly contributed in the creation of personal computers and Internet. Even before the era of microprocessor and supercomputer, Mr. Minsky unveiled the immense possibilities of Artificial Intelligence.

Marvin Minsky was born on Aug. 9, 1927 in a family of scholar and sociologist. His father, Dr. Henry Minsky was the chief eye surgeon at Mount Sinai Hospital and Fannie his mother Reiser was a social activist.

Alan Kay, scientist and a coworker of Mr. Minsky’s stated in his obituary “Marvin was one of the very few people in computing whose visions and perspectives liberated the computer from being a glorified adding machine to start to realize its destiny as one of the most powerful amplifiers for human endeavors in history.”

Minsky started his Artificial intelligence quest in his undergrad days at Harvard. He imagined that analytical thinking process of both human and machine can be similar .He started his theories in 1950s and worked on computational ideas throughout his life. Mr Minsky personally encouraged characterizing psychological processes and theories to empower machines with intelligence.

Mr. Minsky co-founded the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory with his colleague John McCarthy.MIT artificial Intelligence Lab has an immense impact on today’s software designing, digital information ideas and open source movement.

Mr. Minsky is credited for major scientific accomplishments in a variety of disciplines. He designed the first ever visual scanner. Mr. Minsky also wired the first neural network learning machine .Among his other creation, the first confocal scanning microscope which is an optical instrument with superior resolution and image quality is still used in the biological sciences.

Mr Minsky was highly regarded as an intellectual and his work interest were eclectic. Although he was a dedicated computer scientist, he also earned a degree in music from Harvard and was an accomplished pianist. Mr. Minsky was honored with the highest regard in computing science field, the Turing Award. He studied a wide range of subjects, from mathematics to genetics to physics. However, in his later life, he settled for Artificial intelligence.

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