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Live without pain, researchers may have found the key

CIPA, the congenital insensitivity to pain due to anhidrosis, is quite a rare condition where patients can’t feel any pain, cold, heat or sensations in general. Even though this may sound quite good, it is actually quite unfortunate. These patients tend to injure themselves in situations in which pain may …

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Cyber Monday traffic too much for Target site to handle

The Target website couldn’t handle the overload on Cyber Monday with shoppers coming to the site in record numbers. The site had been down intermittently from around 10 am on Monday as per Catchpoint Systems, which looks into web performance of these retail sites. All their customers received messages asking …

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Synthetic Marijuana “Spice” Strikes Again

San Diego, California; This Saturday, 16 people have been found poisoned and sickened in downtown San Diego, California after using the synthetic Marijuana substitute known as “Spice.” People were found having everything from difficulty breathing to anxiety, to more severe cases where patients were actively seizing and unconscious. Eleven of …

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The first $5 computer sold out within a day

Raspberry Pi has managed to raise the bar as far as low-cost computing is concerned yet again. This UK based nonprofit has released a tiny, new computer this Thursday which costs just $ 5 called the Raspberry Pi Zero. It managed to sell out completely within a day of being …

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