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Fiat Chrysler accused of falsifying sales data by 2 auto dealers

A couple of automobile dealers have alleged that Fiat Chrysler has been falsifying sales data by bribing dealers to report unsold cars as sold. This federal lawsuit has accused this automakers operations in North America of knowingly endorsing and encouraging the falsification of motor vehicle sales data with rewards for …

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Adele’s “25” prevails over everything with massive sale, outshined Streaming service achievements which showed a rapid raise in the year 2015 

Music industry of the year 2015 hails one name, Phenomenal Adele. When Adele released her third solo album in last November, her management included a strict “no-streaming strategy” .This strategy was considered a huge risk in the music business by many experts and analyst. However, Adele stringently retained her solo album …

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A research team developed new tool to measure gravity on distant stars, raising possibility of locating planets those are capable of harboring life

A group of astronomers have conducted an intense research regarding the measurement of pull of gravity on distant stars .The study result kindled possibility of analyzing chances of life in distant stars. The research paper was published in the journal, science advances. Prof Jaymie Matthews from the research team stated …

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