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Jobless claims rise in the US while import prices fall

  The number of Americans who are filing for unemployment benefits went up unexpectedly last week but were still within levels that are associated with a healthy labor market. Other data showed that import prices fell in December for the sixth month running and were weighed down by a strong …

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Fiat Chrysler accused of falsifying sales data by 2 auto dealers

A couple of automobile dealers have alleged that Fiat Chrysler has been falsifying sales data by bribing dealers to report unsold cars as sold. This federal lawsuit has accused this automakers operations in North America of knowingly endorsing and encouraging the falsification of motor vehicle sales data with rewards for …

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Oil may hit $20 a barrel as China woes continue

The brutal oil market selloff from the New Year became worse on Monday with prices falling by 7% to a new 12 year low with the continuing disturbances in the Chinese stock market threatening to knock the price of crude as low as $ 20. On Monday, blue chip stocks …

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