“The Force Awakens” continues to slay the box office, Opens in china aiming to be the biggest grosser movie of all time

The brand new installment in the epic franchise of star Wars is shaking the box since its release. “The force awakens” performed magnificently in the box office and reached $1 billion ticket sales worldwide. This movie is currently holding the record of the biggest opening weekend and also has surpassed the gigantic box office collectionRead More

Adele’s “25” prevails over everything with massive sale, outshined Streaming service achievements which showed a rapid raise in the year 2015 

Music industry of the year 2015 hails one name, Phenomenal Adele. When Adele released her third solo album in last November, her management included a strict “no-streaming strategy” .This strategy was considered a huge risk in the music business by many experts and analyst. However, Adele stringently retained her solo album “25” off streaming services andRead More