The World Health Organization is seeking $56 million to battle Zika Outbreak; Brazil’s situation is demeaning day by day

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced a $56 million plan to battle with Zika virus outbreak. Zika outbreak is the current worldwide health concern and is widespread in more than 30 countries. Zika is blamed for causing birth defect microcephaly in new born babies .WHO announced that The fund  will be spend in fastRead More

Argentine physician group claims that larvicide pyroproxyfen is the actual culprit of causing birth defect microcephaly

A group of Argentine physicians has conducted a thorough investigation that challenges the claim of link between Zika virus and Microcephaly. Earlier it was assumed that Zika virus is responsible for causing birth defect microcephaly in new born babies. However, Argentine physician group has come up with this theory that that a toxic larvicide namedRead More

Zika outbreak in Brazil, U.S women soccer team is briefed regarding the threats of Zika

The U.S. women’s national soccer team was officially briefed on the ongoing Zika virus endemic crisis in Latin America. The 2016 Olympic is approaching and brazil is the host of the  massive event .After the Zika virus spread all over the Latin America, the risk factor of contamination is considered high and hence participant countriesRead More

United States Olympic committee suggested that U.S athletes can miss the Rio Olympic considering Zika threat

The United States Olympic Committee suggested that U.S. sports federations should consider not sending athletes and staff to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in August. The Zika outbreak caused a huge outcry in Latin America and the Federation president Donald Anthony announced that  no one should be forced to visit brazil “if they don’t feelRead More

Hail Pan Cakes, Research Team reveals that Perfect Pancakes are serving to hinder blindness

Glaucoma is presumed to be world’s foremost reason of irremediable blindness. According to WHO’s report, Glaucoma influences 3.54 percent of world’s irreversible blindness. Despite countless investigations on this regard to find a solution, there is no cure or preventable measure available that can cure damage linked with Glaucoma. According to several researches, the major reasonRead More