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Norovirus strain (Stomach Flu) is on the Rise in California

  Norovirus is a highly infectious disease which can easily spread from one person to another. Symptoms include abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea and other illness and it can be very dangerous for children and older adults. The virus can broaden quickly in closed and crowded environments such as schools, hospitals, …

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1 Dead, 6 wounded in ostensibly pacified Brazil shantytown

According to journalist and interviewers, police said that one person died and six others were wounded early Friday in a violent episode in one of this Brazilian metropolis’ “pacified” shantytowns. The incident in Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro’s largest “favela,” began when a group of people leaving a Christmas party threw …

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It was found that Dengvaxia could immunize two-thirds of people aged nine years and older, rising to 93 per cent for the more severe form of the disease, dengue hemorrhagic fever. Janette Garin, Health Secretary confirmed that she has already given the go signal for the release of Dengvaxia in …

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Will The ‘DNA Diet’ Be The Future Of Weight Loss?

What if your doctor could create a perfect diet, one based on your DNA, in order to help you lose weight? To some people it may sound like a concept from the future. According to scientists, a diet customized for each and every person might actually be something that can …

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Tuberculosis, Cholera and Measles are on the Rise in England

England is facing an increase in the number of cases of tuberculosis, cholera, scurvy, whooping cough and measles. These diseases, mostly, are related to poor health services and living conditions in developing countries. For many decades, England was having rare incidents of these diseases. In Britain, the tuberculosis cases have …

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Genome based diet designed to deal with obesity is coming up

Every year the top three resolutions that people make in the year end, losing weight or making healthier choices tops the list. However, losing weight or making healthie choices is not an easy deal and is directly linked with personal diet preference of people. A recent study claimed that, by …

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