Zika Crisis intensified at Latin America, UN urges to expand the abortion and contraception access in Latin America

President Juan manuel Santos has released a shocking announcement stating that more than 3100 pregnant Colombian women are contaminated with the infamous Zika virus. President urged to raise awareness as the virus is tormenting panic around the world by causing a Zika epidemic.   Recently Brazil announced that the country has taken intense investigation programRead More

Health officials confirmed sexual transmitting case of Zika virus in Texas.

  Health officials have confirmed this shocking news of sexually transmutation of Zika virus in Texas.  According to officials, this is the first incident of transmitting Zika virus through sexual intercourse inside United States. Dallas country health officials have informed that the person got contaminated from an infected person who had returned from Venezuela. TheRead More

Number of obese children is rising in an alarming rate, WHO urges to take immediate initiatives

According to World Health Organization, childhood obesity is no longer a selective trouble for developed countries. Urbanization and globalization, rise of unhealthy food habit is magnifying the number of obese children in under developed and developing countries. WHO detailed obese and overweight related health concern in their recent report. WHO also suggested governments to takeRead More