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After 100 years of relativity theory , ESA to launch “LISA Pathfinder” to detect gravitational waves

Humankind is going to open a new kind of understanding on the universe, after one century of Albert Eienstines “Theory of Relativity”, mysterious Gravitational waves are finally being tested. Europe’s space agency is launching “LISA Pathfinder” satellite to observe gravitational waves. Albert Einstein predicted gravitational waves as ripples in the …

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Australia threatened of taking judicial action against Japan as Japan plans for a “Three months hunting scientific operation” disdaining the international ban on Whaling  

Australia’s foreign and environmental ministers have threatened that the country is going to take legal action against Japan for its whaling expedition. Japan is infamous for archaic whaling expedition and has planned to catch up 333 minke whales in the Antarctic. Australia stated that they are considering legal action along …

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