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Live without pain, researchers may have found the key

CIPA, the congenital insensitivity to pain due to anhidrosis, is quite a rare condition where patients can’t feel any pain, cold, heat or sensations in general. Even though this may sound quite good, it is actually quite unfortunate. These patients tend to injure themselves in situations in which pain may …

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Plankton bloom even though carbon dioxide levels go up

New research has shown that an increase in carbon dioxide has enhanced the growth of planktons which is the opposite of what had been expected from it. Coccolithophores which are small calcifying plants are part of the foundation of marine food web and have been increasing in abundance throughout the …

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Supermassive black hole swallows sun-sized star

Astronomers have managed to watch a huge star getting swallowed by a black hole and deserve a special award for this feat. The report in this regard has been published in the Science journal of the US and says that the researchers were tracking the star, which was just as …

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