Reviewing the necessary data for the best stock in today’s share market: Essex Property Trust, Inc. (ESS)

The top gainer with a security that increased in price during today’s trading was Essex Property Trust, Inc. (NYSE:ESS). Essex Property Trust, Inc. had a higher price at the close than it did at the open. The company holds a market cap of 17.13B with a P/E of 33.57 indicating whether its share price properly reflects itsRead More

Effectively hedging the stocks in today’s share market : Essex Property Trust, Inc. (NYSE:ESS)

The following data is for Essex Property Trust, Inc. | NYSE: ESS | Monday July 31 2017 Based on the aggregate value of the company over its current share price and the total amount of outstanding stocks, the market cap of Essex Property Trust, Inc. (ESS) is presently reeling at 17.32B. Acting as the blue chip in today’s trade, Essex PropertyRead More