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October, 2017

  • 9 October

    Effectively hedging the stocks in today’s share market: TechnipFMC plc (NYSE: FTI)

    Delineated as the total market value of all outstanding shares of the company, the current market cap for TechnipFMC plc is valued at 12.97B. The prevailing figure will allow the investment community to determine the size of TechnipFMC plc in contrast to the sales or total assets figures. As a …

  • 4 October

    How well is this stock performing?: TechnipFMC plc (NYSE:FTI)

    With its total market value of the company’s outstanding shares, the market cap of TechnipFMC plc (NYSE:FTI) in today’s trade was 13.01B. TechnipFMC plc traded at a P/E ratio of 33.76, suggesting the potentiality of a higher growth in the future. By maintaining an average market P/E ratio of 20-25 times …

  • 2 October

    Stocks termed to be the most successful money-makers: TechnipFMC plc (NYSE:FTI)

    TechnipFMC plc (NYSE:FTI)  Amid the topmost stocks in today’s market is TechnipFMC plc (NYSE:FTI). TechnipFMC plc had a market cap of 13.23B, indicating that it has a good hold on the market value of the shares outstanding. The current market cap of TechnipFMC plc exhibits the basic determinant of asset …

September, 2017

  • 25 September

    Lucrative Stocks in today’s market: TechnipFMC plc : FTI

    *The following data represents TechnipFMC plc (NYSE: FTI) |  With the amassed value of the company based on its existing stock price alongside the total amount of outstanding stocks, today’s market cap for TechnipFMC plc is valued at 12.71B. The value of the Market cap relatively ensures a stable and secure position …

  • 24 September

    Important metrics that needs attention before buying this stock – TechnipFMC plc (NYSE:FTI)

    When looking for the right stock to invest in, there are many different aspects you have to observe. It is typically broken down between fundamental analysis and technical analysis, with fundamental analysis checking the engine of the company so to speak and technical analysis looking at the chart. Both are …