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First ever uterus transplant performed by doctors of the Cleveland Clinic in the United States

She was one month away from her 16th birthday when her doctor announced the bad news that she will not carry her own child. Actually, all her friends were having their periods regularly while there was no sign for her and then, the gynecologist gave her the devastating news.

This experience has been written anonymously for Grazia Daily UK this month shortly after the Health Research Authority in United Kingdom approved 10 women for a uterus transplant trial as part of a study.

Her condition is judged serious and she’s suffering from MRKH (Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser), that is, she was born with missing parts of her uterus, vagina and cervix. Actually, 1 in 5, 000 women is affected by the MRKH disease which is diagnosed at puberty. The disease prevents woman from conceiving because they are either born without the uterus or have lost their uterus or have a uterus that has stopped functioning.

The first uterus transplant occurred in Sweden at about one year ago. Then, it came to UK last month and now, a solution for UFI is available in the United States. On Thursday, the Cleveland clinic announced that a new study has been launched where uterus transplants will occur in 10 women and the next surgery is expected to begin in the coming few months, reported the New York Times.

Doctors have suggested that the transplanted uterus will be removed after the woman has given birth to 1 or 2 babies. Andrea Tzakis, lead researcher at Cleveland Clinic, said these types of transplants do not last for lifetime of the recipients. The uterus transplants are removed because keeping them could have health consequences.

The methods were developed by a Sweden team from the University of Gothenburg and the technique has got a lot of success with nine uterus transplants that resulted in 5 pregnancies and 4 births. However, this technique was previously used in Turkey and Saudi Arabia where it was unsuccessful.

The desperate woman said it is her only hope to try uterus transplant despite being risky. But she is ready for anything to become a mother as far as she remembers.

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