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WMO predicts 2015 to be the hottest year and 2016 to be even hotter due to El Nino

According to the World Meteorological Organization, 2015 will be the hottest climate ever on record and predicts 2016 to be even hotter because of El Nino weather pattern. The WMO warned that temperatures could go up by 6 degrees Celsius.

However, decisions taken during the summit of world leaders on Monday may keep global temperatures within 2 degrees Celsius, target which was set in 2010 to prevent climate disasters.

Michel Jarraud, director-general at WMO, warned via a news conference that the necessary needs to be done as soon as possible to keep the 2 degrees Celsius ratio and the target will be more difficult if late action is taken.

WMO said in a statement that the rise of temperature this year is due to the El Nino weather effect and global warming. Temperature keeps rising every year, regardless of El Nino, and the rise in temperature is affected by about 20 percent from the El Nino effect alone.

Based on date received, the global average temperature from January to October on the surface of Earth in 2015 has been 0.73 degree Celsius above the 1961-1990 average temperature of 14 degree Celsius and about 1 degree Celsius above the industrial 1880-1899 phase.

Jarraud said that this is a bad news as the 2010-2015 periods have been the hottest in the history so far. A WMO source said that among the 10 warmest years registered since 1998, 8 among them have been after 2005. 2016 is predicted to register the hottest annual mean temperature as it will be hugely influenced by the El Nino weather.


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