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Devon Still announces that her daughter, Leah Still, has no signs of cancer

Devon Still found out last Tuesday that his daughter, Leah Still, is now cancer free after suffering from stage 4 neuroblastoma when she was 4 last June. This could not have been a better gift for him this holiday season.

Still thanked everyone for their prayers and support on Instagram adding that he got a phone call that her daughter’s scan showed no evidence of disease. Leah followed treatments at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and many other hospitals.

After being cut from the Bengals team last September 2014, Still was re-signed after they found out about the condition of her daughter. The move was made on purpose to cover the health of Leah Still under the team’s health insurance policy for a period of five years. Moreover, the NFL team raised $1 million through the sales of the No. 75 jersey of Still to fight against pediatric cancer.

When Still was cut by his team just before the start of the new season, he took time to express his support for the team that stood by him during his bad days. He wrote on Instagram that he is very grateful for the team and have nothing but love for Cincinnati and the Bengals organization. They have both helped Still during his hard time and it is time for Still to move forward with the team and see what is next.

Still is a free agent at the moment and was born in Camden and joined Penn State to start his career. Devon Still is looking forward to kick start his career again with a team. However, he keeps himself busy with the Still Strong Foundation which is helping families fight pediatric cancer.

Luke Walton, Warriors interim coach, was named top coach of the Western Conference for both October and Novembers, despite the fact that he has never won an official game so far.

Steve Kerr, head coach, has been out due to back surgery complications and still the coach of record for the team. At the same time, Walton gave credit to the head coach by saying that he has done a lot for the team and Walton is willing to add more wins to his counter.

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