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Here’s why HIV/AIDS cases are still rising around the world

The number of HIV/AIDS cases is stable and still rising in certain regions of the world despite the educational efforts.

AIDS and the HIV virus were discovered about 35 years ago and regardless of the recent introduction of the infection, it has already created panic worldwide and a lot of money is being invested in researches to find treatments and a cure, hopefully. Despite spending a lot of money, health agencies across the world are struggling to retain the spread of the disease, reported the New York Times.

Actually, the number of HIV/AIDS new cases is still superior to the number of affected people beginning treatment. Scientists are now discouraged with the current techniques to slow the flow of the virus among the populations.

In the United States alone, hundreds of thousands of people are infected by HIV/AIDS and are unaware of it, and continue to spread the disease without following any treatment.

However, there has been progress since the disease gained notoriety in the early 80’s. Scientists have developed antiretroviral drugs to contain the spreading of the virus and according to the World Health Organization; people infected should seek medical help and advice at the earliest to minimize the risk of spreading the virus.

Additionally, drug companies have built up drugs that are efficient in containing the spread of the virus. Many firms are working on the decrease of the medications’ prices so that developing countries can get access to these to avoid spreading of the disease. Reports from the New York Times suggest that as from next year, a pill will be available to the population that would cost less than $100 per year.

A goal has been set by the United Nations to eliminate HIV/AIDS by 2030. However, the work will be within the United States where 1.2 million people are infected and one in eight people are unaware of their infection, roughly. Continuous efforts are being made by health organizations in the US to control the spreading of the virus and researches are progressing significantly in the last few years.

People are positive and hopeful that one day the virus will be eradicated with the research and development being made on new treatments.

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