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“Game of Thrones “and “The Walking Dead”tops the list of most pirated shows of 2015

Game of Thrown has attained the epic honor of becoming the most downloaded TV serial for fourth year in a row. Considering the prominence of this show on viewers, the download numbers surprised no one.

In the year of 2015, approximately 14.4 million downloads of Game of thrown was done via BitTorrent .The shocking number was doubled of season three’s eight million downloads. Last year season finale raised the game even further and beat the competition of this show by a huge mark. “Walking dead” is holding the second position in the race and “Big Bang theory” leading the third position.

Earlier this year, Game of Thrones broke out all time piracy record when a massive number of 258,131 peers shared a single file of an episode of season five. Because of the huge pressure, around half of the season 5 was leaked beforehand. This show relishes an amazing sensation within the viewers, so it is quite understandable why such a huge jump suddenly occurred while the season finale time.

“The Walking Dead” is listed as number two in the list with much less downloads than “The game of thrown”. “The Walking Dead “was downloaded around 6.9 million times last year. The younger audience lot of these two shows knowing where to find the illegal versions, consistently downloading the pirated versions of these two shows. However, older audiences of these two shows are making the CBS the most viewed and popular network every year.

The sad truth is that, there is no sign of declining of piracy in TV show business. The download numbers of most popular shows continues to rise higher and higher, Shockingly, sometimes the pirated numbers are  exceeding the traditional viewers numbers. Other top shows of 2015 were, “Arrow”, “The Flash”, “Mr. Robot”, “Vikings”, “super girl”, “Suits” and “the Black list”.

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