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WhatsApp experienced 45 Minutes of suspension on the New Year Eve

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and widely used application world wide .WhatsApp is specially renowned for its instant messaging and calling option .With more than billion users under its belt, whatsApp is dominating the social network for couple of years now. Subsequently when such a prominent giant went down for straight 45 minutes in the crucial hours of New Year eve, Users were shocked and dishearten. People who were connected to internet were receiving error messages that they were not connected and hence frustration in users soon went rife.

WhatsApp in short is a magic tool of communicating. Users can share Photos, videos and audio tracks with their desired contacts without any inconvenience through whatsApp. User doesn’t have to pay for the sharing service, they only pays the data charges which is very low. Because of its smooth network and huge acceptance rate, WhatsApp has become the backbone of the internet. The sudden interruption hindered the usually smooth network on the New Year eve. People usually send the maximum amount of messages and New Year wishes on this precious holiday hours, so the vexation of general users soon went sky high.

Users from all over the world experienced this sudden crash. WhatsApp for iOS and Android crashed in Europe, Canada and America. The service weakened at 16:28 GMT and resumed 45 minutes post crash.

Although the authorities of AhatsApp took prompt action to deal the situation but issues were not settled. Soon after the incident, the Apps got crashed again in American continent. WhatsApp authorities stated “We investigated the problem and have restored access for everyone. We apologise for the inconvenience and wish everyone a happy new year,”

WhatsApp Authorities later acknowledged the error and apologized wholeheartedly for their inconvenience. WhatsApp also consoled the users for the problems they faced and promised that they won’t have to deal with such complications in future. Although WhatsApp didn’t disclosed what made their strong network went down all of a sudden, but It has been assumed that they were trying to test their video calling service on the new year eve and that made the Network crash. Experts are assuming that there has been a bug in the system that caused the crash in the Apps. Because WhatApps was closed down , there were a sudden raise in calling and SMS option around the world on the New Year Eve.

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