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“The Force Awakens” continues to slay the box office, Opens in china aiming to be the biggest grosser movie of all time

The brand new installment in the epic franchise of star Wars is shaking the box since its release. “The force awakens” performed magnificently in the box office and reached $1 billion ticket sales worldwide. This movie is currently holding the record of the biggest opening weekend and also has surpassed the gigantic box office collection of Avatar. “The force awakens” is the highest grosser movie in the domestic box office of USA till to date.

The creator of this legendary franchise, Gorge Lucas sold his rights of the franchise for an enormous amount of $4 billion to Disney. “The force awakens” has received such mesmerizing acceptance in the loyal fan base of star wars that the prospect of sequels is also being considered .The enormous collection has raised stock price for Disney. The force awakens successfully became the first movie in the history to make $100 million in a single day. 

Director J.J. Abrams commented in a euphoric tone “I’m grateful to anyone who has gone to see the movie,” Abrams said. “When I hear, anecdotally, people have gone seven or eight times. I just want to apologize to, I’m guessing, their parents”

China is considered as the second biggest film marker after USA. “The force awakens” will be releasing in china as the final territory on Saturday .How this movie performs in china will cast the final verdict on ultimate box office collection. Disney has advertised star wars relentlessly in the market of china before releasing this movie. This is because china does not have the loyal fan base of star wars like North America or Europe.

Surprisingly, “The force awakens” in not facing much competition in china .Only “Sherlock; the abominable bride” is competing this movie right now. Thankfully, this movie might not face a major fight at the box office until DreamWorks animation Kung fu panda 3 releases.

Unlike the previous six installments of this franchise, “the force awakens” won’t be exhibiting an extended edition in the DVD release. The director preferred the uncut version and will be adding little additional footage in the DVD release.

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