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The UN Health agency approved new supplier to double the production of the Oral cholera vaccine

The United Nations health agency announced to double the supply of the vaccines of cholera. This announcement came after the organization faced a massive insufficiency of oral cholera vaccines (OCV) in last few years. According to the UN Health agency, the new supply would be producing a massive six million doses of vaccine this year.

Cholera is a lethal disease and usually eliminates around 142000 people annually on average.  Sudan and Haiti was seeking supplies of vaccine to run a pre-emptive vaccination campaigns last year, but the UN Health could not deliver vaccines because of the global shortage. This inadequacy of vaccine caused many lives.

Thankfully this year, a third producer from the republic of Korea has been appointed under the WHO’s pre qualification program to prepare vaccine. This program checks the quality and safety measure those should be maintained and make sure that the satisfactory standard is thoroughly conserved. It is assumed that the additional volume of vaccines will cut down the overall price in international market, calm down the vicious cycle of high demands and also ensure proper distribution.  

Cholera is a severe diarrheal disease and is ferociously endemic in over 50 countries. If cholera is not treated in its initial stage, it can kill people with hours. Cholera influences between 1.4 million and 4.3 million cases a year. Sadly, cholera only obtains international attention during emergency situations. In the past, countries like Democratic Republic of Congo and Goma experienced demise of tens of thousands of people when cholera stroked. Recent climate changes is causing droughts and floods in many parts of the word and contributing a major upper hand in inflecting and spreading cholera.

Cholera mostly strikes in poverty stricken countries where poor people acquire minimum knowledge of the exiting vaccine. This is why; the number of death from cholera is sky high. Back in 2013, the WHO created world’s first stockpile of two million doses vaccine a year. As cholera vaccines generally necessitate two doses to function properly, the stockpile of WHO was adequate to secure one million lives.

The creation of the stockpile was a major success is treating cholera .It was more functional than any other usage of vaccines in last 15 years. The United Nations health declared that the new production of vaccine will highlight the collaboration of a group of nonprofit org, manufacturers, donors and other research organizations joint effort in battling cholera.

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