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HTC to open Vive VR preorders on Feb 29

Virtual reality is a technology which makes use of a special headset and some sophisticated sounds and imagery to place you in a digital world. It has seen a lot of hype over the last few years. But tangible details about the technology along with pricing and availability haven’t been easy to come by. Oculus unveiled the $599 cost of its Rift system just last week and now it is HTC’s chance to offer us something.

This Taiwanese company, which is best known for making some really slick smartphones like the HTC One M9 has said that it is going to make its new Vive VR headsets available on Feb 29 for preorders. The system is scheduled to go on sale in April.

There is no information regarding its price as of yet though. A spokesman for HTC said that the price was going to be revealed as we get closer to the end of February.

Virtual reality’s been tagged as a huge trend for 2016 and gadget makers are all ready to introduce their devices to consumers finally. The technology is a huge improvement on the initial idea of VR as seen in cheesy 90’s movies. It is more immersive and far more convincing. It is a technology which has attracted some serious heavy hitters like Google, Sony, Samsung and Facebook.

HTC has got together with Valve to create the Vive which is unique because it is a system which allows you to walk about in a small area as well. Most of the other systems are only focused on you sitting or standing while using them.

There are a couple of separate sensors which will track the headsets motion and a couple of wireless controllers for the hands. This allows you to freely move around the virtual world. The latest version of the device, the Vive Pre was showcased at the CES just last week.

The Vive also has a front facing camera which allows users to see what is in front of them in the real world so that they don’t collide with any obstacles like a couch or a wall.

Even though the company hasn’t given any information regarding the price of this device, it will most probably exceed that of the Rift. Dan O’Brien, the head of VR at HTC said that the company was looking at building the best system which suggested that they may charge a premium for it too.

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