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Apple is closing down its iAd Network on June 30th

Apple is no more welcoming apps into their own ad network. Apple announced that developers with prominent ongoing campaigns will keep getting revenues until the 30th June. The Smartphone giant announced on their official developer’s news blog that Apple is closing its iAd App network on June 30th. The iAd network was designed for smaller publishers. It was unique because it allowed developers pay at decreased rates to feature advertisements for their apps.

 A report was announced on last Wednesday stating that  Apple is planning to quite the ad selling business but desires to keep continue with the iAds scaffolding .It was reported that Apple plans to support the advertisements those are created, controlled and run by publishers. However Apple doesn’t plan to take a 30 percent cut of generated ad revenue as per the previous deal.

Although the announcement is puzzling with the wording, however it certainly doesn’t mean that all of iAd is being closed down. Regular developer will still be able to exhibit iAd banners in their applications; the announcement meant that the directory for App store apps to advertise will be closed down. Apple employees commented that developing campaign marketing is something that Apple wasn’t performing to the best .So Apple plans to construct iAd into a fully self govern system, similar to digital ad network like Google Ad sense. In Google Ad Sense, Publishers and advertisers usually freely do campaigns and promotion with computerized revenue and fees. Apple is expecting the same out of iAd.

Apple introduced iAd in the year of 2010.In the beginning iAd was reputed as the “in-house” advertising and promotion platform. iAd was threatening to take away iOS platform’s gigantic installed customer base. Technical experts around the world were speculating iAd to be the next billion dollar business .However, high ad price slot and restrictions barriers slowed down the mega platform that it could be.

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