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Stephen Hawking is worried that humankind might go extinct due to probable Scientific Catastrophe in near future

Celebrated physicist Stephen Hawking alerted that humankind might go extinct because of probable catastrophic scientific disaster in near future. According to the 74 year old  theoretical physicists , the new generation AI creations pose a number of threats towards the progress of human kind .A possible global cataclysm seems inescapable because of the pace in which scientific researches  on AI is accelerating. Nuclear war, Global warming and genetically engineered viruses could be the probable negative aftermaths of the scientific progression.

The highly revered physicist was answering a question session at the BBC Reith Lectures. Later he approached the audience with an in-depth lecture on Black holes .This lecture will be broadcasted on Radio on Jan. 26 and Feb. 2.

The quick witted Scientist Hawking talked in an optimistic note that he certainly believes on Human capability. However, the next 100 years would be agitating for the survival of humans. In this short span of time, human kind will be thoroughly challenged. If a Catastrophic disaster hits earth in thousand or ten thousand years, probability of humankind’s survival is higher. By that time, humankind will spread out in other stars.  “We are not going to stop making progress, or reverse it, so we have to recognize the dangers and control them. I’m an optimist, and I believe we can,”

Despite posing this optimistic vision, Hawking is worried that there isn’t certain balance in maintenance of scientific shared knowledge in these days. He further explained that people need to realize that science in a democratic society is a tool to “to make informed decisions about the future. However, if AI creations are not under control then eventually they will destroy the world.

Hawking stated chances are high that immoral machines made at lab would harm humankind. Stephen Hawking was a Physics student at Oxford University when he proposed the BigBang theory .Big Bang theory literally transformed the thousand year old concepts of concepts of universe formation. Stephen has suffered in “Motor Neuron Disease” for over thirty years now. He still conducts workshops and question session regarding scientific query on a regular basis.

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