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Human brains capacity is 10 times greater than it was earlier speculated, Human brain can keep 1 quadrillion bytes of data

Researchers have unraveled a fantastic finding in the field of neuroscience. This finding is such a ground breaking one that it is considered as the “real bombshell” in the field of neuroscience .According to researchers,  they have amalgamated a wide range of evidences those state that human brains memory is capable in far deeper magnitude than it was earlier assumed .This research was published in the journal named eLife.

Professor Dr. Terry Sejnowski from the research team stated that “Our new measurements of the brain’s memory capacity increase conservative estimates by a factor of 10 to at least a petabyte.“ According to the research team, human brain is a magnificent storage that can keep one petabyte of data, which is equivalent to 1 quadrillion bytes. That’s enough memory to store 13.3 years of high-definition video.

According to researchers, our memories and thoughts are the consequences of a series of patterns of electrical and chemical activity in the brain. A very basic part of the activity occurs when neurons interact with certain junctions. The latest findings can contribute in making brand new generations of computers that would merge fierce processing power and little energy. Such design would be considered as the “Game changer ” in the industry of computing and machine language .With this discovery computer scientists can design better  devices.

It was identified that synapses differs by 8 percent in size. This specific information performed as a major catalyst and scientists later designed algorithmic models of the brain to evaluate the accurate size of the brain. Findings also recommends that there are actually 10 times more number of synapses present in the brain .As synapses is the major element to preserve memory, so human brain actually has 10 times more capacity than previously assumed storage.

The recent findings are still at primary stage and need through research by future researchers to be understood properly. However, these finding still provides us with a great deal of knowledge of our neuroanatomy. This could be a step forward towards the modeling of the ultimate “Wiring diagram” of human brain.

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