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The Dragon Warrior is back, “Kungfu Panda-3” is ruling the Domestic Box office

“Kungfu Panda” is touted as one of the outstandingly successful and loved animation franchises of all time. The third installment of this immensely popular franchise is out this Friday. As expected, Kungfu Panda 3 is ruling the domestic box office with a whipping collection of 10.5 million. Kung Fu Panda Po is back with a bang. A rare children oriented creation that has acceptance in adults.

The third installment is anticipated to gross between $39 million and $41 million in the opening weekend. This number is little less than the gigantic collection of “Kungfu Panda 2”.The third installment reveals Po finishing his final  session of dragon warrior training .Po perfected the dragon warrior training supremely. Master Shifu feels that Po must transit from student to teacher to fully utilize his dragon warrior prowess. However, Po feels that he is not ready to be burdened with such responsibility .He feel that he is not fully in peace with himself. Scenario changes when Po finds his long lost father and returned to his root.

Jack Black gave voice over for Po and Dustin Hoffman performed as master shifu. According to critics, “Kungfu Panda 3” is the most stylist one in the franchise. This one unravels a story that goes far deeper than the typical animation for kids. This one is wrapped in deep emotions that allure adults.

Directors John Stevenson and Mark Osborne presented an extensive series of visual creativity in this installment. Striking landscapes, colorful and vibrant characters, giggles and deep story combined and delivered the energy fiasco on reel .Jack Black is extremely comfortable in his portrayal of Po.Humor comes easy with jack black.

The Portrayal of Papa panda performed by Bryan Cranston is exceedingly majestic. The trip that Po takes to the spirit realm and the panda village is captured magnificently.”Kungfu Panda -3” has frisky action sequences and fierce battle. Although Po finds his root in this installment, he end up missing his old friends and family.

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