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3-D Printing version of human brain unfolded mistry, why human brain has folded structure

A group of Harvard scientists have developed a replica of human brain through 3D printing. Although human brain is the most crucial part of human body, much of its action and structure origin is still a puzzle to medical science. There are countless hypotheses on human brain structure origin but lack of research opportunity on this regard has hampered the process of learning.

Earlier it was assumed that human brain’s growth procedure or gyrification is a biological answer to the need. The necessity of producing increasing numbers of cortical neurons while demeaning distance between them dominates brains growth. The group of scientists from Harvard duplicated the human brain with 3D technique and proved that growth of human brain is indeed a physical response and not a biological one. Researchers were questioning why human brain has wrinkle while animal brain does not have them.

A new research claims that the brain might have folded as a result of bulking under pressure when it grew bigger in fetuses and infants. The team examined the actions of brains folding by MRI scanning .Later they 3-D printed the scans of the brain of a fetus. They started with the coated surface of the brain, mimicking it with a lightweight layer of gel to copy the cerebral cortex. Later they mimicked the augmentation of the cortex. Very soon, the 3-D printing version of the human brain was bulking. Just like real human brain, the big folds also complimented the way we see in real infant human brains. Little folds were found to be varied exactly same way.

Researcher Jun Young Chung stated “When I put the model into the solvent, I knew there should be folding, but I never expected that kind of close pattern compared to human brain, it looks like a real brain.”

Brain folding deformity causes serious irreversible conditions in human being. Deformed brain babies do not live longer.  According to scientists, by understanding how human brain folds and what make them folding would lead us towards an accurate research on human brain. This would help us finding a solution for several neurological disorders. In future there are even possibilities of correcting deformities in human brain.

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