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ADHD in childhood affects women in their adulthood, ADHD linked with Obesity  

A recent study by Mayo clinic has revealed one of crucial origin of adult obesity. According to the intense research of mayo clinic, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in childhood increases risk of attaining obesity in adulthood for women. Researcher also found that men do not suffer the exact same way as women with this disorder.

The study surveyed weight gain issues in boys and girls for a very long time. The study observed weight gain in boys and girls who were affected with ADHD. The astonishing findings stated that risk factors were present in girls in spite of being treated with stimulant medical treatment of ADHD .Earlier study results hinted that ADHD consequences differ in girls compared with boys. Also girls are at more risk of not receiving proper treatment or being mistreated than boys. On behalf of Mayo clinic study team, researcher Dr. Seema Kumar published a press release stating “Females with ADHD are at risk of developing obesity during adulthood, and stimulant medications used to treat ADHD do not appear to alter that risk,”  

Mayo clinic conducted decade’s prolonged study on 336 boys and girls who were diagnosed with ADHD. The study compared the results of ADHD affected patients with 665 children who did not had ADHD .The timeline of research lengthened from 1976 to 2010.These patients were thoroughly treated by Mayo clinic.

The result revealed that women who were treated with stimulant medication in their childhood were at risk of developing obesity compared with women who were not identified with it. The research also stated that ADHD does play a major role in affecting men in their adulthood regarding obesity.

Researcher kumar proposed that girls with ADHD should be advised and counseled thoroughly with regular intervals in their childhood and adulthood so that they can minimize the after affect .Maintaining a healthy diet and regulating an active life are such measure to be taken in order to deal with this scenario.

Earlier studies from 2015 and 2012 also stated that differences between consequences of ADHD in of boys and girls. ADHD ends up as hyperactivity in boys. Girls suffer by being distracted with issues such as depression with ADHD. Physicians stated that the outcome for girls is extremely negative.

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