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Zika outbreak in Brazil, U.S women soccer team is briefed regarding the threats of Zika

The U.S. women’s national soccer team was officially briefed on the ongoing Zika virus endemic crisis in Latin America. The 2016 Olympic is approaching and brazil is the host of the  massive event .After the Zika virus spread all over the Latin America, the risk factor of contamination is considered high and hence participant countries are worried with the health issues of their athletes.

“I think at this point the focus is certainly we want to not distract from the performance piece. We haven’t qualified, so talking about Rio right now for me is not something that’s in my scope, but I think we’re certainly sensitive to the fact that this has become a global issue.”Ellis from U. S soccer commented .Goal keeper Hope also expressed her concern regarding the ongoing endemic of the virus. She said that if the Olympics were today, she would give Olympics a miss.

The deadly Zika virus is already spread throughout the Latin America. Surprisingly, most affected people aren’t showing any major symptoms Zika infusion.However, Zika is assumed to be the reason of microcephaly. Microcephaly is a birth defect marked by an exceptionally small head. Because of the threat, pregnant women are urged to not travel Zika stroked zone during the pregnancy. Forward Alex Morgan from U.S soccer also stated “We’re focused on qualifying, so we don’t really have Rio in our sites yet until the end of this month, hopefully, But Zika virus is a scary thing that is very unknown for a lot of people, especially on the side of pregnant women who might want to get pregnant in the following years after the Olympics.”

The organizers of Brazil Olympics are trying their best to satiate the panic which is infused surrounding the endemic .They informed that Olympics will be held in the winter season of brazil so the population of mosquitoes will be reduced. Chances of zika spread will also diminish because of that,Olympics authority stated. The international Olympics committee also stated that they have taken crucial measures against the spread of Zika virus. They have followed advices of world health organization and went through the supervisions of IOC.

Mexico coach Leonardo Cuellar stated that he believes in the measures taken by the International health officials.He further stated “I think medicine has advanced in so many ways to prevent things. We’re confident it’s not going to be a problem, we haven’t thought about it until you mentioned that because we have to be there first.”

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