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Google altered its decision of banning Ad blocking Apps from its play store

Search engine giant Google seems to have altered its earlier stance on banning ad blockers from the Goggle plays store. The move was scrutinized widely because that decision pulled out well accepted apps like Adblock fast and also hindered updating process of other famous apps. After receiving pleadings from Adblock Fast, Goggle authorized and re-sanctioned its app on Google play store.

Googles original decision regarding apps blocking was to corroborate only such apps those are accepted with the mobile browser users. But later Goggle decided to not approve standalone ad blocking apps. These apps were distributed via APKs, crystal and Adblock Fast. These Ad blocking features performed similarly like Apple’s Safari supports Ad blocking. In this way, third party apps developers were attaining advantages by grabbing Samsung’s new content Blocker API.

Experts were suggesting that google hasn’t applied its policy appropriately implementing this decision. There were rumors of possible disagreements inside googles regarding the decision of banning Ad Block Fast. Although Ad block was taken out, Crystal was unaffected.

Google announced  in a press release that the third party developers will not interfere in goggles term as “the devices, servers, networks, or other properties or services of any third-party including, but not limited to, Android users, Google or any mobile network operator.” .Troubled developers said that they understand Google’s request and they won’t be interfering  with Samsung’s web browser.

Rocketship said that it has submitted an appeal last Monday but the appeal was rejected. The app was pulled out from the store on Tuesday. However , later they informed that they have received an email from Goggle that details of their request to be accepted .Rocketship not only was able to make a comeback but also updated the apps version to 1.1.0.This new version now supports Android 4.

In this series of changing, other Ad blockers were unaffected with the shifting policy. Ad block Plus released a brand new version of ad Blocker for Samsung Browser but they commented that they have not received any warning from Google and also their apps weren’t pulled out from the play store .Crystal was also unaffected. Dean Murphy, the developer of Ad blockers mentioned that has appealed a few times and finally Google has accepted their updates.

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