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Egg yolks are not linked with heart disease, recent research suggested

A recent finish study which got published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that consuming high-cholesterol food do not intensifies potentiality of heart disease opposing to some earlier discoveries in this regard. Dr. Luc Djoussé, an associate professor and cardiovascular disease researcher at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital stated “Dietary cholesterol does no translate into high levels of blood cholesterol,”

The American Heart Association proposed to limit the public consumption of cholesterol-rich yolk during 70’s .Generations of Americans have acknowledged   egg-white omelette as the sign of a healthy heart. Recent research suggests that one egg per day is indeed healthy. Experts proposed to cook and eat eggs in the healthiest and less risky way. Consumers are guided to avoid salt while cooking hard-boiled or poached eggs

The study team investigated lifestyle and food habits 1,000 healthy men. These men were aged between the ages of 42 and 60. One third of these men carried ApoE4-a gene variant that hold possibilities of enhancing risk factors of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and heart disease. The dietary pattern of these men was symmetrical .The participants of the research team were given with a set of questionnaires and asked to strictly follow those. Participants of the team were tracked through the questionnaires during the 21 years of the research time. In these years, 230 men from the 1000 participant team progressed coronary artery disease. Participants in the study consumed about 2800 milligrams of cholesterol every weeks during the research time. Most of the cholesterol of the diet came from consuming four eggs weekly.


The research revealed that there is no link between cardiovascular disease and total cholesterol or egg consumption. Jyrki Viranen, an adjunct professor of epidemiology at the University of Eastern Finland, supported the research result by commenting “Moderate intake of cholesterol doesn’t seem to increase the risk of heart disease, even among those people at higher risk,” The research further stated that consuming cholesterol in moderation provides numerous benefits. Especially eggs are extremely healthy as it contains Vitamin A, Folate, Choline, Vitamins B5, B12, B2, Phosphorus, Selenium, Vitamins D, E, K, B6, Calcium and Zinc. Also cholesterol that comes from eggs supplies best sources of protein. Protein is  essential for strong bones and muscles.

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