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Endangered species of Baby Dolphin died because of irresponsibility of beach goers

An endangered species of baby dolphin died because of the mistreatment of people in the beach of Argentina. People gathered and were passing the baby dolphin for petting and taking selfie. This shocking incident was captured in video and was released afterwards. This news soon made the headline in social and printing media. Animal lovers and activists from the world conglomerated and released statement against the incident. The Argentine Wildlife Foundation (AWF) announced that people should act sensibly when they are encountering with animal. The video of the baby dolphin stroked rage around the world.

This engendered species of dolphin is named La Plata dolphin .This species is also known as Franciscana dolphin .Because of the human intervention in the wild life; very few of this species are left alive. These dolphins are only found in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. This species is so endangered that less than 30,000 of them are alive in the wild. Franciscana dolphins are the only type of river dolphin to inhabit saltwater. Franciscana dolphins are marked as “vulnerable” because of their shy nature .The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species marked them as week.

The Argentine Wildlife organization released a press note stating that the main danger to this species of dolphins is gill nets. Gill nets in the wild are mostly responsible for drowning, injuring and harming marine mammals. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced that Gill nets are solely responsible for originating extreme fatigue to marine mammal’s .However, curious swimmers and other beachgoers are not innocent either.

The shocking Video footage revealed that the baby dolphin was scooped up by a man and a curious crowd gathered to feel the animal. Later, the baby dolphin was shown left at the beach lying motionless .The crowd was inhuman as none on them intervened to rescue the baby animal from being mobbed by the crowd; the baby dolphin was a few feet in length. The Argentine Wildlife Foundation announced in a press release that “The potential for recovery of this species is very low, The Franciscan, like other dolphins, cannot long remain above water. It has a very thick and greasy skin that provides warmth, so the weather will quickly cause dehydration and death.”NOAA explained that La Plata dolphins are “extremely shy and evasive by nature” .NOAA further added that very little is known about this species and they are “surrounded by superstition.”

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