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Ignorant Florida man Pulled Juvenile Bull shark from the sea for photographs

The world is still shocked with the death of an engendered species of baby dolphin at the Argentine beach. The baby dolphin died after receiving mistreatment from beachgoers on Argentine beach. Many beach goers gathered to take selfie with the baby dolphin and they were passing the poor creature in the crowd. Later the baby dolphin was left dead on the beach. Less than a week has passed and another similar incident is circulating on the social media. A man from Florida was spotted on filming with a juvenile bull shark at Palm Beach of Florida. In the video, the man was spotted dominating the struggling animal down to pose with it. This is the time of the year when sharks migrate towards warm water of Florida .The ignorant man from Florida took this chance and conducted mistreatment with the ill fated creature

The man reeled with the 2 m long shark on his fishing line. The man forced the shark and put it down so that his friend could video the entire incident. The man was also looking for an opportunity to take selfie. The man grabbed the shark for about a minute and then released it back to the sea water. The video and photos of the incident went viral on social and printing media. Animal lovers around the world are bashing the man relentlessly for his cruel and immature behavior towards the ill fated animal.

The shark was a juvenile shark and the video showed that after going through few futile attempts, the man was finally able to bring the shark on the beach of Palm beach, Florida. According to the people who witness the incident, the shark was released on the sea water after recording the video.

Bull sharks are seen regularly on the east coast of Florida. The juvenile bull sharks usually frequent the coast from Palm Beach to Daytona Beach of Florida. The east coast of southern Volusia of Palm beach is a significant place for Bull sharks for nourishing baby sharks. Bull sharks usually reach a length of 7to 11 feet and weighs around 200 to 300 pounds. Bull sharks are one of the “Big three” shark species by the international Shark attack file. Bull shark poses a great deal of danger for human, capable of causing serious injuries or even death to humans. Till to date, 27 human deaths have been directly linked with bull shark.

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