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New research reveals that Ebola survivors are hit by Neurological and other health issues

According to a new study, a wide number of Ebola victims are enduring long term brain issues. Ebola leaves a vicious set of consequences on the patient’s brain that patients suffer neurological and sensual issues even six months after recovering from the disease. Ebola patients reported of acute muscle pain, long term memory loss, mood swings, and severe headaches as aftermaths of the disease. In extreme cases of depression, Ebola survivors even committed suicide.

The research was conducted by US National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Researchers from the study team investigated cases of 82 Ebola survivors in Liberia. They were astonished when they found that most of the survivors had gone through some intense form of “neurologic abnormality”. The study team strictly stated that although six months have passed, still the infected victims suffered from neurological disorder. The average age of the study group was 35.The victims reported of body weakness, headaches and memory loss. The study team noticed that two victim form the team was showing suicidal intrusion. Abnormality in eye movements and tremors were also part of the weakness. Dr Lauren Brown, author of the research team commented “It is important for us to know how this virus may continue to affect the brain long term. It was pretty striking, this is a young population of patients, and we wouldn’t expect to have seen these sorts of problems. When people had memory loss, it tended to affect their daily living, with some feeling they couldn’t return to school or normal jobs, some had terrible sleeping problems.”

The study team presented their findings at the annual meeting of American Academy of Neurology. A more appropriate and profound research on this regard is expected to be conducted very soon. Ebola outbreak caused a huge outcry. Last year when Ebola stroked in the West African zone, it killed a huge number of people. More than 11,300 people died from Ebola only in Africa. Dr Lauren Brown further added “While an end to the outbreak has been declared, these survivors are still struggling with long-term problems .Ebola hasn’t gone away for these people.”Although WHO officially announced that Ebola Outbreak has reached its pinnacle and was over , in sierra leone two new cases were reported this year. Later WHO called for a ”critical period of heightened vigilance.”

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