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Three pregnant ladies identified with Zika Infection in Florida

Zika outbreak is continuing its terrorizing stance. A shocking update in the Zika outbreak crisis is that, Florida officials have reported of identifying three pregnant ladies with Zika infection.  Florida health officials announced this horrific information on Wednesday. Secretary of Health Dr. John Armstrong was the one who published the news. According to health officials, these three cases got infected with Zika by traveling abroad. Health officials are still trying to locate the countries from where these pregnant ladies got infected. As panic is spreading with this news, Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced of requesting 250 advanced Zika antibody from the Centers for Disease and Control and prevention.

 Zika outbreak advanced throughout Latin America within the last few months. Although numerous researches are going through to identify and to find out possible treatments, scientists are still perplexed with the link of Zika with the birth defect microcephaly. Microcephaly is a severe case of birth defect which is marked by abnormally small sized head. This birth defect causes severe brain damages in new born babies.

According to news, 32 cases of Zika infection have been reported in Florida alone. Miami-Dade country area is leading with a number of 11 Zika infection case. Heath Officials are stating that each case of Zika is directly related to travelling abroad. Health officials are also urging that U.S citizen should restrict their travel to Zika stroked zone for sometime .Health officials also stated that this virus can spread through by mosquito bites. Mosquitoes are extremely common in the state of Florida. So if appropriate preventions are not taken, then there are chances that Zika outbreak will strike at U.S with the same force at Latin America.

Early symptoms of Zika infections are fever, rash, joint pain and red eyes. These early symptoms can last in patients from a few days up to one week. Although numerous Pharmaceutical organizations are trying their best to develop a vaccine against Zika, till date, no success is achieved. There is no medication that works against Zika virus. Zika can survive in the bloodstream of a person from 10 days to two weeks. Within these days, patients show several symptoms of Zika infections.

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