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90 years old Norma is hitting the road with her son and daughter in law

A surprising inspiration is shaking the news right now. 90 years old woman named Norma is living her life to the fullest on a road trip across the United States .Norma’s life partner of 67 years passed away and Norma was identified with uterine cancer. Although doctors suggested her for surgery, radiation and chemotherapy treatments, Norma wished to not go through the medication.  Instead she said to her doctors “I’m 90 years old, I’m hitting the road.” 

Norma’s son Tim and his family are RVers. After Norma’s husband passed away, it was difficult for her to live alone. So Norma’s son and her daughter in law requested her to join them in the road trip. Norma joined them and six months later. Now three members of this group are enjoying a lifetime trip together. Norma’ daughter in law Ramie said that “She’s very quiet and humble, and then she has this streak of adventure that surprises us.”

The amazing team had a surprisingly fantastic adventure. They left for Northern Michigan in August; their first ever massive stop was at Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota. They have traveled to Yellowstone national park and then they set for the Rocky Mountain. The team has recorded the in details of their adventure.

The team had undergone experiencing gorgeous views at the Grand Canyon. The team ran in the Disney World and watched whale together .Surprisingly Normas’ most loved activity from the entire adventure was to ride on the hot air balloon in Florida. This was a beautiful Christmas gift from her son and daughter in law. Ramie stated that “She’s getting healthier, I think, from eating well and being outside a lot. She’s breathing fresh air and getting to see new things all the time. She’s with her loved ones and that’s really important,” she added.

Norma’s daughter in law ramie hopes that this beautiful story will inspire so many other families to inaugurate a conversation about end-of-life spans. She is hopeful that Norma’s story will help other families to think of investing in mental health. “Everyone has different ideas about how they want the end of their life to work, as a planet; we need to have this conversation.”  The beautiful family is right now traveling and exploring the state of Florida.

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