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Money-making stocks you should surely buy: WestRock Company (WRK)

When people are looking at the market right now many may wonder why retail is doing so poorly. Well, the retail sector is going through a change to a larger online presence. If you take a peek at WestRock Company (NYSE:WRK), you may spot some reasons to watch the retail space for value. With all of these companies being brought down, WestRock Company may be a diamond in the rough.

You can compare WestRock Company many different ways, but first would be to compare it against the Consumer Goods sector. That way you can see where it is at in relation to the area as a whole. Once understood where WestRock Company lies, begin comparing it against other specific companies in the Packaging & Containers to begin searching for value.


Market cap is a great place to start and the current market cap for WestRock Company is 14.03B. This is essentially taking the outstanding shares and multiplying it by the current market price. Typically there are three different market caps but we’ll save that for another day. The current P/E ration is 33.46 and forward P/E of 15.36 indicates where the company may be headed. Watch out for the future because this can sway your decision one way or another depending on your current situation.


It is also important to look at WestRock Company’s dividend yield and EPS because you want to ensure you are stretching your dollar effectively. The current dividend yield of WestRock Company is and the earnings per share is 1.66. Looking ahead, the earnings per share growth of WestRock Company this year is -79.60%, which can be useful to compare with the forward P/E.


A few other fundamental data points to look at include a current ratio of and a profit margin of 2.90%, indicating underlying health of the company. As long as profit margins and other details stay intact, WestRock Company can continue to provide value for investors.


For the technical trader out there, the current 20 day simple moving average is and the 200 day simple moving average is . Comparing that to the current price of 56.61, you can formulate an opinion of whether the company is over bought or oversold. The 52-week high is and the 52-week low is .


If you are going to be trading the stock, you want to ensure volume is healthy so you are not stuck in a position. The current volume for the company’s stock is 419975 and the average volume of trading is 1312.28.


Lastly, comparing the current price of 56.61 to the target price of 64.57, this means that the stock may or may not have some room to run. It is important to understand what you want your return to be and compare it against the current numbers of the market.


WestRock Company may be a good fit for your portfolio or it may not, but at least you have a better understanding of the Packaging & Containers industry, which can help you later on down the road. Retail continues to be a space that may present value as it continues to be pushed lower as the space evolves. Keep an eye on the volume because once it starts to lower, this could mean people are beginning to relax and WestRock Company may begin to increase in price, ultimately leaving you behind.

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