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CenturyLink, Inc. (NYSE:CTL) Effectively hedging the stocks in today’s share market


CenturyLink, Inc., CTL from Technology exhibited a market capitalization of 10.37B. Companies having a market cap of $10 billion or more are typically considered as the major players of the market. With today’s market cap for CenturyLink, Inc., traders can easily name it as one of the major player in its Telecom Services – Domestic industry.

With a change of -1.88% the price for CTL is 18.75. A higher P/E allows an investor to expect higher earnings growth compared to the companies with a lower P/E. CenturyLink, Inc., (reader can compare this with other companies that he is interested in).


0.61 price-to-sales (P/S) ratio has been recorded today for CenturyLink, Inc., forming an appraisal number of its business stock price to its revenues. The valuation metric is usually a method for comparing companies in the same sector. A low ratio specifies that the company is possibly undervalued, while a higher than average P/S may suggest overvaluation.

Earnings-per-share (EPS) ratio for CTL is 0.69, exhibiting the allocation of the profit to each of its outstanding share of common stock. With the current EPS in mind, the traders can be fully aware of the company’s profitability condition.

Price-to-free-cash-flow (P/FCF) of 24.58 gives an overview of the equity valuation for  CenturyLink, Inc.. A lower number would indicate that the company has been undervalued, where its stock is relatively low-priced in connection to its free cash flow. Value investors will surely go for the low or decreasing P/FCF totals and reasonably low stock share prices.


Return-on-asset (ROA) for CTL is 0.80%, indicating its profitability situation relative to its assets. The figure allows investors to understand how effectively CenturyLink, Inc. is able to convert its money into net income. Generating more money with less investment would help the company attain a higher ROA and more investors, which would certainly allow the company to grow more.

0.9 is the current ratio indicating the ability of CenturyLink, Inc. to pay off its short-term and long-term obligations. A ratio under 1 points out that the company’s liabilities are higher than its assets and indicates that the company may be unable to pay off its obligations when they fall short. The quick ratio, on the other hand, is 0.9 indicating the company’s current short-term liquidity. A ratio of 1.5 will suggest that the company has $1.5 of liquid assets available to pay off $1 of its current liabilities.


The shares outstanding for CenturyLink, Inc. is 553.17, and 545.13 is its shares float. A low float would typically suggest a hindrance to active trading in the market. It will usually go up over time since the company issued its stocks for the first time.



-1.32% is the company’s weekly performance prior to its weekly performance of -1.32%. Monthly performances shows a value of -14.62% with a volatility rate of 4.44%. Monthly volatility appears to be 3.89%.  A higher volatility indicates that the security’s value can possibly extend over a greater range of values. It also advocates that the value of the security can fluctuate intensely over a shorter period of time in either direction.


-43.95% was the company’s 52-week-high followed by a 52-week-low of 3.08% assisting traders to determine and predict the future price movement. Traders will eventually make their moves when the price breaks out from the 52-week range providing enough momentum to carry on the price move in a more auspicious direction.

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