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December, 2015

  • 14 December

    Will the Federal Reserve rate increase affect you

    Ever since the recession some 8 years ago, the Fed has kept the benchmark interest rate at almost zero so as to help strengthen the economy. But, as per minutes from a Fed gathering in October, the rate increase is most likely in a few days. Such economic changes usually …

  • 11 December

    The middle class American is vanishing quickly

    Americans have been living in a country which is made up of a lot of middle class families who aren’t poor nor rich but are just comfortable. This year, Pew Research Center has claimed that this has changed. An analysis that was just release of government data has shown that …

  • 11 December

    Yahoo decides to reverse Alibaba spinoff

    After a lot of speculation, analyst pleas and media reports, Yahoo has finally decided that it was in the best interest of their shareholders to suspend the work on their planned spinoff from their remaining stake in Alibaba saying that they were concerned regarding the perception of the market towards …

  • 10 December

    Coca Cola removes racist Christmas ad from YouTube

    Coca Cola has apologized while pulling their new Christmas advertisement called Open Your Heart since it was considered to be racist towards the indigenous population of Mexicans. The advertisement basically looks at a few young white people that are bringing coolers of Coke into Totontepec that is located in Oaxaca. …

  • 10 December

    Optimism for small businesses falls in third quarter

    Even though positive sentiments were at a 7 year high this January, small business owners aren’t feeling so optimistic today as compared to one year ago according to the Small Business Index by Wells Fargo/Gallup. In this quarterly survey of small businesses, which looks at the optimism of small business …