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December, 2017

  • 15 December

    Best stocks that you should not miss: American Airlines Group Inc. (AAL)

    The following data is for American Airlines Group Inc. | NASDAQ: AAL |  As it reflects the theoretical cost of buying the company’s shares, the market cap of American Airlines Group Inc. (NASDAQ:AAL) is currently rolling at 24.34B, making it one of the key stocks in today’s market. Hence, the …

  • 13 December

    Acknowledging the facts and figures for: American Airlines Group Inc. (AAL)

    The market cap of 24.47B for American Airlines Group Inc. in today’s market indicated its current strength, making the company’s shares a lucrative one. The company’s existing price is $50.17 with a change in volume of 735,177. American Airlines Group Inc.’s target price was set to $56.89 with an IPO date at 9/27/2005. The Return on …

  • 12 December

    The stocks that governs the market: American Airlines Group Inc. (NASDAQ:AAL)

    With its total market value of the company’s outstanding shares, the market cap of American Airlines Group Inc. (NASDAQ:AAL) in today’s trade was 24.73B. American Airlines Group Inc. traded at a P/E ratio of 12.98, suggesting the potentiality of a higher growth in the future. By maintaining an average market P/E …

  • 9 December

    How well is this stock performing? – American Airlines Group Inc. (NASDAQ:AAL)

    When looking for the right stock to invest in, there are many different aspects you have to observe. It is typically broken down between fundamental analysis and technical analysis, with fundamental analysis checking the engine of the company so to speak and technical analysis looking at the chart. Both are …

  • 7 December

    Plowing up the statistics on: American Airlines Group Inc. (AAL)

    STARTING THE DAY American Airlines Group Inc. AAL began its day with a share price of $49.61. The change in volume gives a closer look at the stock with a percentage rate of 0.28%. $56.89 was the targeted price for American Airlines Group Inc. having a 2,835,542 volume of shares. 24.05B …