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December, 2015

  • 28 December

    LeBron James helps create VR training experience with Samsung and Oculus

    Oculus and Samsung have, together, released a 12 minute 360 degree film covering the training regimen of LeBron James as well as a number of interviews with this famous NBA star. A YouTube video was posted by Samsung Mobile that had snippets from this short VR (Virtual Reality) film that …

  • 15 December

    Elon Musk joins forces with other tech masterminds to research AI

    Like it or not, AI has managed to creep into our lives in a big way. From the phone which you use for texting to the car that you are driving. And even though there is a fear that the robots will soon rise up, the future is most likely …

  • 13 December

    Google’s verily announced collaboration with Johnson and Johnson on surgical spinoff

    It has been announced that two mega giants Verb Surgical Incorporated and Google life science have started a giant venture together. Verb surgical has been applauded as the future of the surgery and Medical instruments. Scott Huennekens has been appointed the CEO of Verb. Robotic surgery and the whole market …

  • 10 December

    Apple may introduce new Apple Watch and iPhone this March at event

    It was reported this Tuesday that Apple was considering hosting an event in March of 2016 where they were going to focus mainly on the next generation of their Apple Watch. This would mean that this wearable device would also get yearly updates, just like the iPhone. The iPhone 6c …

  • 10 December

    Coca Cola removes racist Christmas ad from YouTube

    Coca Cola has apologized while pulling their new Christmas advertisement called Open Your Heart since it was considered to be racist towards the indigenous population of Mexicans. The advertisement basically looks at a few young white people that are bringing coolers of Coke into Totontepec that is located in Oaxaca. …